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A Microwave is one of the most valuable commodities at our house. It is an important appliance and is used multiple times in a day. Since it is an electrical appliance, a Microwave has the possibility to get damaged, malfunction, or breakdown. Your life can literally stop because of a broken-down microwave. It leads to food wastage, dining complications, and can force you to eat packaged or restaurant’s food. The malfunctioning Microwave is surely a dent to your pocket.
If your Microwave is making weird noises when it is running or not heating properly Usually, the Microwave makes a whooshing sound when the blade or fan is obstructed by dirt. If there is a problem other than that then you should call-up an expert. And it is who better than DP Electrics to fix up your microwave problems.

Common Problems Faced When the Microwave Is Malfunctioning

No matter how complex or simple the problem is, the expert at DP Electric has the best  microwave repairs skills. Therefore we can repair various brands and models of the microwave.

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Why Choose DP Electric?

Our approach is to give an overall possible solution to your problem. Our promptness and effective solutions set us apart from the rest. We know that Microwave repair is very time-sensitive and that’s why we try to reach you as quickly as possible. Our promptness is maintained because we provide mobile service and flexible appointments. So now you know that we are just a call away from you.
Our experts will help you with all kinds of repairs viz. Westinghouse or Fisher & Paykel. We provide our services across Melbourne including all the nearby suburbs. We are trustworthy as we sign a written warranty for your peace of mind and an increased guarantee from our side.

The Kinds of Microwave We Repair

No matter how good of a quality your microwave is or is in warranty, there are chances of its breakdown. Like any other machine, manufacturers make sure to produce a durable product. Still, these usual issues may develop in a microwave –

Getting consultation and Appointment

As we said that we are just a call away! We listen to our client’s queries through call and consult them then and there. After a proper discussion on the call, we decide on an appointment and decide the plan of action. Since we provide a mobile service we come to your doorstep and fulfil the required repairs.

Tips to Maintain Your Microwave and Dealing With the Problems

Imagine living without a microwave! We can manage for a day or two but storing snacks, veggies, fruits, beverages, and other items will become a big deal. So, to prevent this condition it is best to maintain it the right way.
Although not all damages can be repaired at home and that’s why you need experts to handle and repair your appliances. But some tips can help you maintain the appliances and increase their life once they are repaired and good to function. Below are some of the suggestions that might help you.

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