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Kleenmaid Washing Machine Repairs in Melbourne

10+ Years Experience, Fast, Immediate Service, Fully Certified Technicians, 1000’s of Happy Customers, 12 Months Parts Warranty, Affordable Rates, Same Day Repair* & 5-Stars Record

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Common Kleenmaid Washing machine Problems we repair in Melbourne:

  • Water leaks in Kleenmaid washing machine: Kleenmaid washing machines may experience leaks around the door seal or from hoses due to worn-out gaskets or loose connections. Regularly inspecting and maintaining these components can help prevent leaks.
  • Drainage problems in Kleenmaid washing machine: If an Kleenmaid washing machine is not draining properly, it could be due to a clogged drain pump or filter. Clearing any obstructions and ensuring proper installation of the drainage system can resolve this issue.
  • Spin cycle issues in Kleenmaid washing machines: An unbalanced load or a malfunctioning motor or belt can cause problems with the spin cycle in Kleenmaid washing machines. Rebalancing the load and checking the motor and belt for signs of wear can help restore proper functionality.
  • Noise during operation in Kleenmaid washing machine: Excessive noise during operation of an Kleenmaid washing machine may indicate issues with the bearings, motor, or drum. Inspecting and lubricating the bearings, as well as checking for any loose components, can help reduce noise levels.
  • Kleenmaid washing machine failure to start: If an Kleenmaid washing machine fails to start, it could be due to a faulty door switch, control board, or power supply. Checking these components for any faults or loose connections can help diagnose and resolve the issue.
  • Incomplete cycle in Kleenmaid washing machine: Interruptions in the wash cycle or premature stopping can be caused by sensor malfunctions, electrical issues, or overheating in Kleenmaid washing machines. Resetting the machine, cleaning sensors, and ensuring proper ventilation can help address these problems.
  • Foul odors in Kleenmaid washing machine: Accumulation of dirt, detergent residue, or mold in the drum or seals of Kleenmaid washing machines can lead to unpleasant odors. Regularly cleaning the drum, door seal, and detergent dispenser, and using washing machine cleaning products can help eliminate odors.
  • Kleenmaid washing machine overheating: Overheating issues can arise in Kleenmaid washing machines due to blocked vents, malfunctioning heating elements, or restricted airflow. Clearing vents, inspecting and replacing faulty heating elements, and ensuring proper ventilation can prevent overheating.
  • Display errors in Kleenmaid washing machine: Error codes displayed on the control panel of Kleenmaid washing machines may indicate various issues such as water level problems, temperature sensor failures, or electronic control malfunctions. Referencing the user manual or contacting customer support can help troubleshoot and resolve these errors.
  • Kleenmaid washing machine door locking problems: Difficulty in locking or unlocking the door of Kleenmaid washing machines may result from a faulty door latch mechanism or issues with the door interlock system. Inspecting and repairing or replacing the door latch and interlock components can restore proper door operation.

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See what our customers say about our services

prompt expert service. I have full confidence in the repairs carried out on my washing machine and so happy that I've found someone who can fix every appliance in my home.

Denise Turnbull

Highly recommend using DP Electrical!! Dishank was an absolute superstar, going above and beyond to help solve issues with our washing machine power and plumbing. Fantastic communication and service, thank you

Shirley Turner

Last time Dishank fixed the dishwasher, and came equipped with the correct part just in case. This time he cleared a jammed filter on the washing machine, just as efficiently & promptly. Great service & pleasant to deal with, thanks.

Ali Jensen

Amazing service! Dishank was really helpful and friendly. He was efficient and fast to find out what the problem was with my washing machine and it was fixed in a short period of time! Highly recommended and the price is very reasonable!

Andrew Lazzaro

Mother of 4 I was very worried when water was leaking from my washing machine. It only took a day or two for a booking then they looked at the machine & resolved it within 10mins 🙌🏼. Reasonably priced. Very satisfied. Will definitely be using & referring to family & friends.

Ester Grigsby

I had a great experience when Dishank came to my house to install a control board in my washing machine with a professional and friendly attitude.  He had explanations to all my various questions, Dishank was always very helpful and gracious. I would recommend DP service and Dishank.

Claire Burns

Absolutely fantastic. Dishank was able to fix my washing machine a couple of hours after I called. He had the parts required so no waiting. Called half an hour before he arrived. Highly recommend it.

nadine needham

Was able to describe the problem I  was having with my washing machine over the phone and within a few minutes Dishank was able to diagnose the problem and gave me a fixed quote which was cheaper than what I got from other Melbourne appliance repair companies. What amazed me the most was he was able to come out a few hours later and had the problem fixed just as he said he would. All of this with a friendly attitude. Would not hesitate to call Dishank again.

Moraya Seccull

This was my first experience using Arrive On Time regarding my washing machine. The service was professional. The diagnosis of the problem was efficient and solved. The part needed was ordered immediately within minimum time. The part was delivered and installed with great care and efficiency. I highly recommend this service provider , the gentleman who came was very courteous and helpful. 

Cassandra Poynton

Dishank was great. Let me know in advance what time he’d be arriving. Diagnosed the problem with our very noisy washing machine and fixed it promptly. Great value too. Will definitely be used again should the need arise and will definitely be recommended to others.

Sean Chappell

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Why Choose DP Electrical Repairs for Your Kleenmaid Washing machine repairs in Melbourne

  • Our team specialises in repairs and service of Kleenmaid washing machines, ensuring expertise tailored to your needs.
  • You can trust our skilled and certified repair professionals to handle your Kleenmaid washing machine with precision.
  • We exclusively use authentic Kleenmaid components, guaranteeing the quality and longevity of repairs.
  • Experience fast and reliable repair turnaround times, minimizing downtime for your appliance.
  • Benefit from clear and upfront cost estimates, so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Enjoy convenient same-day and emergency appointments, designed to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to ensuring your Kleenmaid washing machine repair meets your expectations.
  • Rest assured knowing that our fully accredited and insured service provides peace of mind.
  • Receive personalized and community-oriented service from DP Electric based in Melbourne.
  • With years of trusted expertise in Kleenmaid repairs, DP Electrical repairs has built a reputation you can rely on.
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