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Ovens are very critical appliances in our daily lives. We need them for both small and large feasts regularly. Starting from baking cakes to potatoes, the oven plays a very vital role in preparing delicious dishes.

It’s more necessary to clean the oven than you would assume. All of the delicacies rapidly build up a layer of food residue and grease. If the residue is not cleaned regularly, the oven will become hard to clean.

As strong and with maximum durability as they give, Ovens can be dangerous appliance if not maintained properly. Even minor misuse can result in anything from burned cakes to a kitchen fire, preventing ideal functioning.

You’ll need to maintain your oven more frequently to keep it clean and functional. Finding a good cleaning regime and investing in the correct solutions will make removing grease particles easier and more efficient. Technology and equipment can also have an impact on the removal rate.

Here are the best oven cleaning tips that you should follow

First, clean the glass, then take the oven out 

Removing the oven’s front and door once a year is a smart option. This will enable you to clean between the glass panes, collecting bits of food and oil.

The oven will be clean and safe to use after some time, even though it will take a little time. To sanitize this area, you can use window cleaner or any variety of cleaning chemicals that you have on hand for oven or kitchen surfaces.

Using practical cleaning products

Cleaning difficult surfaces may necessitate the use of more advanced cleaning instruments. A ceramic hob scraper is your best buddy when it comes to removing difficult, damaged food debris from the oven.

When you’re using the scraper, spray it with a lot of disinfectants. The dust can then be readily removed, and you can move on to the next cleaning procedure. Sponge and microfiber towels can also aid you to save natural resources.

Always soak oven racks

Occasionally, give your oven racks a thorough cleaning. Loading your kitchen faucet with hot water and a few droplets of dishwashing soap is an excellent route to do this. Start by removing the oven racks from the oven and placing them in a warm water bowl to dry. After a vigorous scrub, the racks will be as pristine as before.

Place butter paper in the bottom rack while baking

Maintaining your oven regularly will prove to be very helpful. If you’re baking something that might leak or drop, putting a baking sheet on the bottom rack can catch any drips or spills and keep them from getting busted out of your oven. Cleaning a baking sheet is far less challenging than washing a whole oven.

Mixing green soap and water while cleaning the oven

It’s a fantastic solution that works on any surface. Wipe the area with a vacuum to remove food residue and other contaminants. Food residue tends to collect in corners, so clear these areas often. After that, you can use soap to cover the full oven. The best technique to manufacture soap is to combine two-decilitre soap with one-decilitre water in a spray can. This makes the soap stiffer and easier to apply across the entire surface of the oven.

Besides following the above steps to maintain your oven, it’s necessary to avoid common mistakes we make while using it.

Common mistakes while using Oven

Stop using the wrong dishes

Users of ovens must be aware of some fundamental information. When using an oven, wet wipes, paper plates, plastic lids and jars, and board are all out of the topic.

Never forget to unplug your oven

The oven is one piece of electrical equipment that is simple to unplug yet difficult to unplug from the power grid. One of the most common blunders made by toaster oven users is yanking the cord. Your device’s cord, plug, and outlet will be harmed if you do so constantly. A flare might easily turn into a fire, or at the least, your toaster oven’s lifespan will be shortened.

Before unplugging, ensure the timer knob is set to ‘0’ to turn the toaster down. Then, while hanging on to the cord, pull the plug out.

Stop cleaning the warm oven

It’s generally believed that cleaning an oven that’s heated is simple. Even the best oven cleaners can scratch an element or, worse, cause the oven to catch fire due to this. A heated oven may be easier to clean, but in your haste to shine your oven cleanly, you risk causing a chemical reaction and the spread of hazardous vapour. Before cleaning your oven, make sure it has been turned off for at least a couple of hours.

Avoid opening oven while baking

People have a habit of peeking into the oven to see if the cookies or meals are done. Opening the oven while it is in use can result in slower and less efficient cooking. Allowing hot air to escape from your oven forces it to work much harder to maintain the correct temperature. In fact, the wobbling that happens when opening the door may harm the cooked item. Make use of the oven light to keep an eye on your food.

Not going through the manual thoroughly

First and foremost, as with any other gear or item, read the instructions for using an oven. Look over the safety information to see if there are any limitations you must be aware of. Preheat your oven before broiling, roasting, or baking; otherwise, your food will not be adequately cooked in the allotted time.


Everyone out there never realizes their mistakes until the repercussions. But keep in mind that “Prevention is always better than cure”. So, follow the above steps for safe use of the most sought-after kitchen appliance, the oven. If you are constantly facing heating issues with your oven, it’s advisable to contact a professional such as DP Electrical Repairs. They can take care of all the issues you are facing with your oven. DP Electrical Repairs have years of experience in the field of appliance repair and maintenance in Melbourne. Contact us today to solve all your oven related issues. 

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