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Owning an appliance like a dryer is a big responsibility. You wouldn’t want to mess it up when it comes to dryer maintenance. It is important to understand that these are complicated machines that can do their job perfectly but requires periodic attention to maintain the quality of work.

A dryer is an appliance that is used to remove moisture from the clothes, bedding etc. This functionality of the appliance must be kept in high performance. How would you do that? Let us look into some tips of dryer maintenance

Tips for dryer maintenance

Right installation of the appliance

The first important tip is the right installation of the dryer. This can influence the working performance of the appliance. Make sure that you use the manual for directions required. Moreover, seek the right electrical outlet to power the dryer. In case of any issue, it is best to call a professional for help.

Always maintain a clean lint trap

If you would like to keep the risk of fire away from your appliance, then it’s best to keep the lint trap clean always. Lint is highly combustible and can catch fire easily.  After every load, make sure to take out the lint buildup from the trap to not affect the airflow in the dryer.

To efficiently remove the lint from the trap, use a hand brush or hand vacuum and run it down until the bottom to ensure nothing is left behind. There are different types of equipment available in the market to handle this process more professional. But it’s all a personal choice to getting it.

Deep cleaning of lint screen

While using the dryer, the lint screen is the first place to contact lint, leading to accumulation on long use. Apart from cleaning the lint screen after every load, try doing a deep cleaning more often, like once in two or three months, depending on the need. Use laundry detergent to wash off any chemical residues blocking the airways. This helps to maintain the proper functioning and to keep in check for a fire hazard.

If you keep the lint screen clean, the dryer would not have to use additional power to keep the clothes dry. Hence helping in maintaining the power consumption.

Keep the venting ducts clean

Vent ducts are one of the most important parts of the dryer, and it’s really important to periodically check the state of the ducts.

Ensure to do a complete cleaning of the venting system from dryer to exterior once or twice every year. While using the dryer, make sure that air passes through these ducts. If not, try and find out what’s causing the issue.  These vents are highly prone to the accumulation of lint, dirt or even nest built by small animals.

If the dryer takes more time to dry the clothes, then it’s not called proper functioning. This can affect the mechanism of the dryer adversely, even causing permanent damage. It’s best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Similar to lint screens, the lint accumulation in vents poses a high risk of a fire breakout.

While cleaning, make sure that the ducts are in good form; check for leaks or bulges; do not cover up small damages using tape. This can further worsen the situation. It’s best to use metal vents instead of plastic or vinyl. These are more susceptible to harsh conditions as compared to the former and are long-lasting.

If the ducts are long or difficult to handle on a personal scale, then it’s always best to seek professional help. They have the right equipment and skillset to ensure the perfect cleaning of the venting system.

Keep the drum clean and dry

Make sure that after every use, keep the lid open for quite some time. This helps the moisture to escape into the surrounding, keeping the drum dry. In case moisture retains in the drum, this can cause a foul smell and even bacterial build to an extent. Make sure to wipe down the drum with a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol during periodic cleaning. This helps to get rid of any additional residues of detergents or fabric softeners.

Common mistakes that people make while using dryer

Putting soiled Items

Avoid putting soiled items in the dryer directly, and this can affect the functioning and even create damage to the interior of the drum. In case of soiled clothes, first, wash in the washer and then transfer it for drying. This ensures that soil and dirt are washed off to facilitate smooth drying.


Overloading the dryer will do no good but only harm it. There are different capacities for different dryer systems. Try to stick with that. If the dryer works with an overload, it won’t be for a long time. Eventually, due to pressure development in the internal system, the dryer will break down and needs dryer repair and service.

Not cleaning the exterior

One very common mistake is the negligence of the exterior of the washing machine. The external part is as important as the internal part. There are chances of corrosion and peeling due to the accumulation of dirt, chemicals and detergents. It’s mandatory to maintain the cleanliness of the outer body as often as maintaining the inner area.

Keeping the washed clothes in the dryer for a long time

The dryers are not meant to store washed clothes. Keeping the washed clothes in the dryer creates a bad smell and provides a suitable environment for the growth of germs. This can affect the purpose of the dryer, and to some extent, these can be reasons for damage to the dryer.


Dryer maintenance is not a tedious task if it is done periodically and properly. Moreover, always make sure to unplug the dryer after use to avoid any damage due to an electrical mishap.

There are many ways for dryer maintenance, but all ways start from you. You have to take the time and initiative to understand that dryers are a long-term investment if and only dryer is service and repaired maintained in the right way.

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