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If there is one common appliance in every household and has become one of the basic needs of every kitchen, it’s the refrigerator.

Your refrigerator stores all your eatables like your fruits, vegetables, and every other edible item for you. It is mostly a constantly running appliance in your home. So, it is an evitable fact that refrigerator problems will take place from time to time like any electronic or mechanical appliance. It is also more than likely to break down once in a while. These problems can, more than often, be fixed by hiring professionals to get them fixed that too probably under extended warranties.

However, sometimes due to overuse or some internal issues, the defect in your appliance can be a huge one. However, a refrigerator problems may not be easy to fix in some cases, and replacements may be required.

Here are the most common refrigerator problems and what should be done for them:

Problem #1: A Constantly Running Refrigerator

One of the most common refrigerator problems is a unit that cycles, or runs, too frequently. While your refrigerator’s job is to keep its contents cool, a refrigerator that keeps on working or running frequently is bound to break down and cause problems after some time.

Apart from malfunctioning the appliance, a constantly running refrigerator is also very likely to cost you more since refrigerators are considerably heavy appliances. Constantly running refrigerators can also be very noisy. The common cause of frequently running refrigerators is the collection of dust or debris over the unit’s condenser coils.

Coils are situated at the bottom of the unit; therefore, in order to check what or where the problem is, you can disconnect the fridge and then check your problem. You can also try adjusting the temperature of the refrigerator. However, if none of these techniques works, you can always contact a professional.

Problem #2: Refrigerator not defrosting

The best place to collect your ice is, no doubt, the freezer of your refrigerator. However, sometimes, there may be significant ice buildup in your freezer that blocks the cooling power of the complete fridge.

Suppose the freezer is left open for a considerable period of time, the humidity level inside the refrigerator increases, which causes the ice buildup in the freezer. Ice buildup is not a very pleasant case for your refrigerator since it blocks the complete functioning of the refrigerator and affects its cooling capacity on the whole. This could also be due to a faulty seal in the refrigerator.

The seal should be replaced in such a case. In case you are not able to detect the refrigerator problems, you can start a professional look into the matter for you and fix the ice buildup problem of your refrigerator.

Problem #3: The Body of the Fridge is hot

Needless to mention, the job of a refrigerator is to keep its content cool. However, sometimes in the process of doing that, your unit might start heating up. Problems with its condenser mostly cause the hot body of the refrigerator.

Therefore, in such a case, you should first check and clean the refrigerator’s condenser coils. Suppose you notice any form of defect in either of these two parts, in that case, the sensible decision is to hire a professional to get this fixed since this one is more of a technical refrigerator problems and requires expertise and knowledge for fridge repairs and services

Problem #4: Leakage of water from the refrigerator

Another common problem with refrigerators is leaking water. However, it is important to check this problem as soon as it starts, before it converts to an even bigger refrigerator problems. There can be multiple reasons for a leaking refrigerator like Clogged or Freezing Defrost Drain, Water Tank Assembly causing the water to flow out, cracks in the Water Filter Housing or crack in the Drain Pan.

You should unplug the appliance and make sure it shut-off valve is closed. You should check all these parts of the refrigerator to find out which part is causing this problem. If there is a crack in any of these parts or if the pipe is broken, then that part should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent larger damage to the appliance. However, the fixing should be done by a professional only.

Problem #5: The freezer stays cool, but the fridge is not cooling

Although this is not a very common problem, it might happen that your refrigerator’s freezer is working just fine. However, the fridge section is not cooling appropriately. There are multiple technical reasons for such a problem, like:

  • There is frost accumulated over the Evaporator coils. This will clog the coils and will hinder its ability to cool the fridge.
  • The Evaporator Fan Motor that spreads the coolness is not working.
  • It can be due to a defective thermistor. If the thermistor resistance does not change or the thermistor does not have continuity, it should be replaced.

These are a few refrigerator problems why your fridge might not cool, and the only way to fix these technical glitches is to hire a professional who knows what to do and how to do it.


If you have electronic appliances at your home, it is very likely that they will break down sometimes and will require fixing. Therefore, it is important for you that in such cases, you hire a professional such as DP Electrical repairs, who is aware of the product and knows how to repair it in Melbourne. In that way, you can get your appliance fixed at a reasonable price with a long-lasting result, without the tension of replacing the whole product altogether. While the reasons mentioned above are the most common repair problems that refrigerators face, there can be other problems also.

While some of them can be more serious, others can be minimal problems also. In either case, hire DP Electrical Repairs, the best refrigerator repair professional in Melbourne and let them take care of your expensive refrigerator.

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Jul 31, 2023