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The worst part of being adult is taking care of everything from paying rent on time to taking care of your refrigerators. Nobody knows it all, and when you see your refrigerator leaking water after a long day at work or after a long day at home even, it is nothing but takes a toll. If you know the reasons why it is happening, maybe you can do a lil better with the situation.

Here we are listing 10 reasons of refrigerator leaking water.

Problem 1: Open Fridge Door

We feel you when at night, while binge-watching your shows on the phone, you feel like snacking and with the hope of finding something to eat in the fridge. But you are so indulged in the front that you forgot to close the fridge door or left it open for too long. If you leave your refrigerator door open for too long, it will work overtime to cool, and you will end up stepping in a puddle of moisture.

Problem 2: Fruits and Vegetables left uncovered

In the hurry of coming from the supermarket and getting back to work late nights, we often forget to cover fruits and vegetables and directly put that in the fridge. Fruits and vegetables are composed of around 80% of water, and when left uncovered in your fridge rather than in drawers, it can create condensation. Once this condensation builds up, it will begin dripping.

Problem 3: Blocked Waterline

The new refrigerator models have a water line, which provides water and ice without letting you open the fridge. If that line gets blocked, that causes water leakage under your refrigerator. This needs to get fixed soon in order to save yourself from falling on the floor.

Problem 4: An uneven Fridge

Shifting to a new place can be exciting and fun, but in the middle of all that chaos, some things are not appropriately kept; one such thing is your refrigerator. Your fridge does not necessarily need to be even. In fact, the front of the refrigerator should be slightly higher than the back of the fridge in order for the coolant to flow correctly. If that cannot work correctly, it might be the reason for the unwanted water leakage under your refrigerator. These kinds of problems majorly occur when you shift to a new place or buy a new fridge.

Problem 5: Blocked Defrost Drain

The Defrost Drain, also known as Drain Hole, prevents the fridge from freezing. Every refrigerator has a defrost drain that helps the fridge to defrost and dip down into a pan automatically. Any food item can clog that, and that leads to water leakage.

Problem 6: Cracked Drain Pan

There is a pan in every refrigerator that holds dripping water. Even if the pan containing the dip is cracked, that can also be the reason for refrigerator leaking water. You should check if the pan is in good condition or not, and if that is the case, you should change it immediately and Voila! It could be that easy.

Problem 7: Poor Installation of Water Filter

Suppose you have a water dispenser or an ice maker in your refrigerator. In that case, you’ll need a filter to remove small particles or contaminants, such as lead and chlorine, and impurities that cause bad tastes or odors. If the water filter is cracked or installed poorly, it causes a water leakage issue in your refrigerator. Changing those appliances will help you to solve refrigerator leaking water problem.

Problem 8: Valve is blocked

Just the way you need to take care of body, you need to take care of appliances, they need to be cleaned. There is a rubber flap between the compressor drip and the fridge body. If that is dirty/ blocked, water will automatically fall on the floor.

Problem 9: Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes the thermostat is malfunctioning in some way and making the appliances’ cooling mechanism operate excessively. This will make the fridge to be too cold, freeze the gutter, and overflow with trickling water. This can also overflow the drip pan when the fridge automatically defrosts.

Problem 10: The Door seal is worn

If the seal is broken or twisted, warm air can find its way inside the fridge, which makes frost build-up. This frost will melt into the water beneath the freezer.

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If you have electronic appliances at your home, it is very likely that they will break down sometimes and will require fixing. Therefore, it is important for you that in such cases, you hire a professional such as DP Electrical repairs, who is aware of the product and knows how to repair refrigerator in Melbourne. In that way, you can get your appliance fixed at a reasonable price with a long-lasting result, without the tension of replacing the whole product altogether. While the reasons mentioned above are the most common refrigerator leaking water problems, there can be other problems also.

While some of them can be more serious, others can be minimal problems also. In either case, hire DP Electrical Repairs, the best refrigerator repair professional in Melbourne and let them take care of your expensive refrigerator.

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Jul 31, 2023