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Owning a Washing Machine is a huge help. You can do the laundry according to your time preference, and you don’t have to wait for others to empty the washer. But, when you own a machine, be it old or new, you have to take care of your Washing machine, and you should never do these things for washing machine maintenance.

Overloading it

Overloading is harmful to humans and machines too. If you overeat, you are inviting obesity and harming your life. In the same way, if you overload your washing machine, you are shortening its life, and then you will wonder why your machine’s life span is so short.

Adding access amount of Detergent

The more, the better is not the scenario when pouring detergent into your washing machine. Often, we think dirty clothes need more detergent, but it is not going to clean your dirty clothes. That will only make your clothes sudsy, and if you wear dark clothes, the evidence can be seen. It is not just harmful to your clothes but also removes the protective coating from the washing tub and the inner components. This will ultimately result in malfunctions.

Clothes with Pet Hair for Wash

We all love our Furry Friends and their cuddles, but apparently, our washing machine does not. All the hair your furry friends have is everywhere. On your jacket, bed sheet, rug EVERYWHERE! And all those hair in your washing machine can clog its drain pumps and stick to the sides of the wash cylinder.

Forgetting to Sort

Forgetting to sort your white and colored clothes, unloading pockets is the easiest way to ruin your washing machine. Check every pocket on the front, back, and inside. Forgetting coins, keys, and even pens in your pockets can mark up the whole load, including the washing machine drum and front window.

Neglecting Maintenance

Washing machine maintenance is simple, takes little time, and can give your machine a new lease on life. Remove strands of hair, filth, and detergent that have accumulated around a washing machine’s door seal. Because seals are made of rubber, this behavior might cause the seal to expire over time. Wipe the seal clean with a moist towel once or twice a week.

Small Clothing to Wash

Small Clothing, as such babies’ clothes/ socks, can be hard to reach in the machine and even can get into the vents and pipes of your washing machine. No one wants to deal with a flood, so wash those small items in a washable mesh bag to keep them and your washing machine safe.

Extra Water in the Machine

As you have to ignore putting extra detergent, you also have to ignore putting excess water. People add additional water to their washer cycles to obtain a better clean. However, adding more water dilutes the detergent, causing top loaders to become imbalanced and tip over. Excess water should be avoided at all costs.

Leaving Washed Clothes inside the Washing Machine

Washing clothes is a weekend task, and somewhere in the middle of chill and house chores, we often forget clothes to take out of the washing machine after they are washed. It might seem a-no-harm act to some, but it is not. Damp clothes and moisture in the tub create an ideal environment for bacteria to develop. Make sure to clean the washing machine with a thick towel, and keep it open for some time to air-dry.

Unbalanced Washing Machine

An uneven load forces the washing machine to work much harder than it needs to, causing wear and tear on the machine and its components. Leave your machine unbalanced can harm you expensively. If your machine seems unbalanced, you can rectify it before the situation becomes more critical. It only takes a couple of minutes to adjust the machine on the bottom corners, but it makes a tremendous difference.

Waterproof Clothes for a Wash

Your garments may be water-resistant, but that doesn’t mean they’ll wash in your machine. When you wash anything like a raincoat or a mattress cover, the material could trap water over time, like a water balloon filling up. Then, suppose the water balloon suddenly ‘breaks’ during the spin cycle. In that case, it transports all of that mass to other places, causing a significant unbalance that can result in the unexplained ‘exploding’ washing machine.


Washing Machines are worth buying and taking care of as it saves your time and money, but if you are taking care of your machine just fine and it still is stuck somewhere, DP Electrical Repairs can be helpful in such scenarios. We are a group of experts to take care of your home appliances in Melbourne. Book an appointment for washing machine repairs & maintenance with DP Electrical Repairs.

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