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Washing machines are an essential component in the modern living environment. In this fast-moving world, you wouldn’t want to spend half of your precious time washing clothes. Washing machines have happily taken over this big chunk of task from you very neatly. But have you wondered, wouldn’t the washing machine maintenance is needed in return for the work it does? It deals with so many unclean clothes and accessories; there is sparsely some time for self cleanliness.

Washing machines are a good investment for the long term. But it’s up to you. Proper washing machine maintenance is a task that you have to handle very often to avoid being held up with significant troubles in future. Let’s get to know more about washing machine maintenance.

Why should you clean your washing machine?

Washing machines are appliances that handle a wide variety of impurities. Of course, it washes off these impurities from clothes, but after that, where do these impurities go? Lack of proper cleaning of the washing machine can lead to bacterial, viral or even fungal growth, which can be harmful. This negligence not only degrades the functioning of the machine but can affect its efficiency too. Hence it’s important aspect of washing machine maintenance to keep it clean at all times.

Cleaning a washing machine does not always require professional help if it’s done periodically. Its recommended to clean (both inside and outside) the washing machine once a  month, but this is just a general fact. The cleaning period depends on how often and how intensive washing is done. Moreover, if you live in an area where hard water is used, then the chances of deposit build-up are high, even with softeners.  In such cases, it’s best to do a regular cleanup once a week to improve longevity.

What should be used to clean your washing machines?

There are a wide variety of products available in the market for cleaning washing machines. It’s always best to go through the manual of the washing machine and know the specifics. This would benefit you in choosing the required products. The washing machine has many parts that require additional or delicate cleaning. Avoid using a single cleaner for all parts. There are chances of corrosion or peeling if this is not taken into consideration. Moreover, it can destroy the washing machine too.

There are some easy steps to consider if you are unsure of what type of cleaners to buy or use. Though these are just basic cleaning ideas, if practised periodically can prove to have a good effect.

Fill the whole drum with hot water and add half a cup of liquid chlorine bleach. Run a normal cycle so that the bleach mixes with the water. Now run a full cleaning cycle so that an intensive cleaning takes place. Bleach helps to sanitize, killing lingering harmful germs.

Once the cycle is complete, run another cycle to clean off the bleach water and ensure no traces of the bleach. If you are unsure, do another quick cycle too.

After cleaning with bleach, it’s time to get rid of build-ups, grease and water stains. This can be effortlessly done by adding two cups of white vinegar to a whole drum of hot water, agitating it for some time and then doing a full cycle. Make sure to get rid of the vinegar smell with an additional cycle if necessary.

If there are removable dispensers or filters, remove them and wash them under hot water. Use an old toothbrush to brush off any struck up dirt after cleaning makes sure that it’s dry before placing it back in position.

Finally, clean the washing machine’s gaskets, dispensers, and exterior by spraying equal portions of white vinegar and water. Wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth to clean off-dry.

Tips for washing machine maintenance

Deep cleaning is important

Many times the washing machine loses its efficiency due to the scaling build-up. It is essential to do a deep cleaning using a strong machine cleaner to remove the micro residuals. Hence facilitating the smooth functioning of the machine.

Avoid overload

Different machines have different capacities. It is important to understand that overloading the machine does not ensure the proper cleaning of all the clothes. Moreover, prolonged overload usage puts pressure on the machine’s internal parts, leading to permanent damage to the mechanism which needs washing machine repair and service.

Check the pockets

Always make sure to empty your pockets before loading them for the wash. Things like coins, watch, toothpicks etc., can cause damage to the drums on friction. Moreover, these can get stuck between the drums hindering the motions of the machine. It can even cause permanent damage too. Also, make sure to remove tissues from pockets because, after the wash, it can be a difficult task to get rid of the remains.

Use the right products in the right amounts

Detergents are to be carefully chosen as per the requirement of the machine. Harsh detergents can damage the interiors of the machine. Moreover, it’s also important to use the right amount of detergent as per the prescription. If you think additional detergent can clean better? Then it’s not true, and it will only cause more damage to the clothes.

Clean the hoses

Hoses are an important part that needs to be checked and kept clean always. All machines have three hoses, two inlets, and one outlet; these are regularly checked for blockage or leakage. In case of any issues, try to contact the professionals as soon as possible.

Leave the lid open after use

After the wash, leave the lid of the machine open for some time. This ensures that the moisture content dries up, reducing the risk of foul smell or any bacteria build-up.

Avoid leaving washed clothes in the drum

Always make sure to take out the clothes soon after washing or drying. Keeping the clothes in the washing machine can create a mushy and stinking smell.


As much as you keep your clothes clean, you must always keep your washing machine clean too. It is not just about making it look clean, but washing machine maintenance is important for ensuring the smooth working of the machine for maximum productivity.  A small cleanup dedication can save many future washes.

Extreme use of the washing machine is inevitable this increases the chances of serious damages, malfunctions, and break-down which requires washing machine repairs and service

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