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Washing machine repair and service

Washing machine comes in two configurations viz. Front-load and Top load. Front-load is known to be more effective than top load and therefore, has gained much popularity in the market. A washing machine has become a necessity in today’s rushed world. It is not until our washing machine breaks-down we are left with a bundle of dirty clothes.
Extreme use of the washing machine is inevitable this increases the chances of serious damages, malfunctions, and break-down. The washing machine has brought a lot of convenience in our daily lives as our clothes are washed and dried with a push of a few buttons. So, we cannot afford to delay its repair. Instead of letting the washing machine suffer wear and tear, it’s better to call a professional.
At DP Electric our experts cater to various clients across Melbourne and nearby suburbs. Regardless of the model or brand, our expert is perfectly skilled and qualified to repair it. Whether the spin is now working properly or there is a problem with the drainage, DP Electric is capable of finding a solution to every malfunction of the washing machine.
All the manufacturers pay keen attention to the durability of the washing machine. But it still can develop some issues over the many years of its use. The most common problems occurring in a washing machine include

No matter how complex or simple the problem is, the expert at DP Electric has the best diagnostic skills. Therefore we can deal with washing machine repairs of various brands and models.

Why Choose DP Electric?

We at DP Electric understand why quality and longevity matters when it comes to the washing machine. Therefore, we strive to provide the best repair services across Melbourne and the nearby suburbs. We make sure to provide timely services so that the problem is not escalated.
We also provide careful and preventive maintenance repair services to increase your washing machines life. Along with that, we offer feedback and tips for better working of your appliance. With keen attention to details, giving personalized solutions and a customized approach, our services are known to be most effective. Our services are also very affordable as we only recommend replacements of additional repairs if required.
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The kinds of washing machine we repair

Getting consultation and Appointment

As we said that we are just a call away! We listen to our client’s queries through call and consult them then and there. After a proper discussion on the call, we decide on an appointment for washing machine repairs and decide the plan of action. Since we provide a mobile service we come to your doorstep and fulfil the required repairs.

Tips to maintain the washing machine and dealing with the problem

Imagine living without Washing Machine! Witnessing the heap of dirty clothes every morning is frustrating. So, to prevent this condition it is best to maintain it the right way.
Although not all damages can be repaired at home and that’s why you need experts to handle and repair your appliances. But some tips can help you maintain the appliances and increase their life once they are repaired and good to function. Below are some of the suggestions that might help you.

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